Behavioral Determinants of Russian Nuclear State-Owned Enterprises in Central and Eastern European Region

Tomas Vlcek, Martin Jirusek


Rosatom State Nuclear Corporation play a substantial role in the energy sector of the Central and Eastern European region and the behavioral characteristics of the company forms the basis of this article. Rosatom is positioned as the dominant provider of nuclear technology and fuel supplies to the region, in large part stemming from the Soviet legacy in CEE countries. Compounding this challenge, nuclear energy is one of the major sources of power generation in CEE. Given the long-time, near monopoly of Russian nuclear technology/design in the region and plans to expand further the nuclear capacity of select CEE countries, the sector requires careful monitoring from both a technical and security-minded perspective.

Keywords:  Power Generation; Nuclear Energy; Central and Eastern Europe; Russian Federation; Rosatom State Nuclear Corporation

JEL Classifications: H760; Q310; Q380; Q400; Q410; Q480; Q490

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