The Impact of Economic and Financial Variables on Cash Conversion Cycle of Energy, Oil and Gas Sectors Listed in Muscat Security Market

Faris Nasif Al-Shubiri


This paper aims to analyze the impact of economic and financial variables on cash conversion cycle of energy, oil and gas sectors listed in Muscat Security Market. The study population include 13 firms  from 2008 to 2013 listed in Muscat Security Market and only 3 firms exception because the lack of complete data covering the period of study as new firms. The results show that there is a statistical significant impact of growth sales, firm size, cash flow as financial variables and average daily production of oil, consumer price index, total merchandise import and total government expenditure as economic variables on cash conversion cycle. Also results show that there is a statistical significant impact of all financial factors on cash conversion cycle. The researcher recommends to reducing the proportion of crude oil’s contribution to GDP and increasing the contribution of natural gas and diversifying the economy.

Keywords: Energy; Oil and Gas Sectors; Cash Conversion Cycle; Economic and Financial Variables.

JEL Classifications: C32; M21; Q43.

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