The Economic Cost and Environmental Effects of Paper Consumption and Computers Usage

Yousef Abdel Latif Abdel Jawad, Shaker Zabada, Issam Ayyash


The study is aimed at investigating the environmental and economic impacts of paper consumption and computers used in the banking sector operating in Palestine. The descriptive and quantitative method has been used, and the data was annual covering the period 2016-2018. The study has found out that the total cost of using paper in banks operating in Palestine was about 3.24 million dollars since the banks consume about 658.4 tons of paper as it is necessary to produce this amount of paper to about 16 thousand pine trees, 25 million btus of energy, and 13.5 million gallons. As for the total costs of using computers in the banks operating in Palestine, they amounted to about 7.6 million US dollars, and about 122 tons of different minerals and materials are required to manufacture computers in the banks in Palestine. About 1.52 GW per year is required to operate all computers, which causes the release of greenhouse gases equivalent to the consumption of 2495 barrels of oil.

Keywords: Environmental effects, Environmental costs, Paper consumption, Paper usage, Environmental Economics.

JEL Classifications: B41, Q51, P18.


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