The Energy Policies for a Sustainable Economic Growth in Turkey

Hasmet Gokirmak


This study deliberates on the main energy policies and their implications for Turkey in recent years. Turkey has been implementing some major policy changes in its energy strategy, including comprehensive liberalization and competitive market initiatives. There have been also same efforts to attract investors into energy sector. Energy efficiency is also attracting attention from the policy makers since it is an important element of the energy supply security. Diversification of the suppliers of natural gas and oil, and an increase in the use of alternative renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar energy, reduce energy costs and contribute to the energy supply security. There has been an ongoing effort to modify laws and regulations to confirm with European Union legislations for Turkey’s advancement toward accession to European Union. Turkey may also serve as a Transportation Corridor and an Energy Hub between the East and the West.

Keywords: Turkish energy policy, renewables, energy liberalization

JEL Classification: Q4

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