The effect of Climate Finance on Greenhouse Gas Emission: A Quantile Regression Approach

Alfonso Carfora, Monica Ronghi, Giuseppe Scandurra


Climate finance plays a primary role in international climate change agreements. It is a way to involve flows of funds from developed to developing countries  that aims to help poorer countries shift toward low-emission, climate-resilient development pathways. In this paper, we study the flow of funds intended to promote energy generation and supply and biosphere protection in order to identify preferential channels in “Fast-start finance” distribution. We analyze the flow of funds among countries and the relationship between climate finance and a composite indicators that summarize and rank the greenhouse gas emissions by using a quantile regression model. Our results revealed a strong heterogeneity in the way the funds are being allocated by donors and show that close attention should be paid to the analysis of political contexts.

Keywords: climate funds; composite indicator; developing countries. 

JEL Classifications: C31; Q48

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