Provoking Energy Cooperation in the South Countries: Renewable Energy in Brazil and India

Maria Cândida Arrais de Miranda Mousinho, Ednildo Andrade Torres, Silvio Alexandre Beisl Vieira de Melo, Dinabandhu Sahoo, Marcelo Santana Silva


In the current global context where developing countries try to articulate actions to deal with the energy crisis the dialogue appears as a fundamental element. The objective of this paper, through a convergent methodology based mainly on the literature review, is to provoke a reflection about the renewable energy cooperation between emerging countries bringing for that purpose the example of Brazil and India. The results show through a careful analysis that there are more elements in common to promote renewable energy between Brazil and India than suggested the hypothesis. The conclusion brings renewable energy cooperation as a way to be traced by developing countries, in this particularly case, Brazil and India, in search for a sustainable society.

Keywords: Renewable Energy Cooperation, Brazil, India

JEL Classifications: F59, P28, Q42

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