A Critical Review of Russia’s Energy Efficiency Policies in Agriculture

Alexey Valentinovich Bogoviz, Svetlana Vladislavlevna Lobova, Yulia Vyacheslavovna Ragulina, Alexander Nikolaevich Alekseev


The article presents a critical review of Russia’s energy efficiency policies in agriculture since 2008 till 2016. First, we focus on the general background of energy efficiency policies in Russia, clearly indicating the place of agriculture in such policies. Second, the article reviews all the documents adopted on the federal level in Russia with respect to energy efficiency in agriculture. Third, the indicators used by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation to evaluate energy efficiency performance in agriculture are analyzed. Finally, we critically review the existing energy efficiency policies in agriculture on the basis of the following criteria: (a) overall goals and priorities, (b) a government management system, (c) a technological regulation in agriculture, and (d) financial incentives and funding. The review clearly shows that Russia has weak energy efficiency policies in agriculture and does not employ its full potential.

Keywords: Energy Efficiency, Agriculture, Russia.

JEL Classifications: Q16, Q18, Q38, Q48.

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