Modelling the Impact of the Solar Activity on Demographic and Economic Indicators

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  • Adalat Muradov
  • Yadulla Hasanli
  • Nazim Hajiyev
  • Rovshan Akbarov


Researchers devoted a great attention to the studying of the solar activity for a long time. The reason is that the Sun has a strong impact on the world and people's lives. An increase in solar activity triggers world magnetic field that causes to increase the physical and mental health of the people. Human capital has a very important role in economic, social and demographic development. Therefore, solar activity can be considered as an important factor for the above detailed areas. The solar activity is defined with different indicators. The results of the econometric models indicate that an increase in solar activity (Wolf number) has a positive effect on rate, natural population growth, marriage and a negative effect on mortality and divorces. The solar activity has a positive impact on world GDP, investment and world oil prices.Keywords: Solar activity, human factor, demographic indicators, natural growth, GDP, world oil price.JEL Classifications: C51; C59; J11; J19


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Muradov, A., Hasanli, Y., Hajiyev, N., & Akbarov, R. (2018). Modelling the Impact of the Solar Activity on Demographic and Economic Indicators. International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, 8(4), 120–124. Retrieved from