Solar Energy Growth in Brazil: Essential Dimensions for the Technological Transition



Solar energy is a clean, affordable and inexhaustible alternative that has evolved from a niche market to become a major source of electricity in world terms. We used qualitative research method of document analysis in 73 sources of data to understand the solar energy technology. The main contribution of this paper is to presents essential dimensions of solar energy technological transition process in Brazil. We discussed the growth of solar energy sector in Brazil on five dimensions: domestic solar panel industry development, new markets formation, government initiatives for the dissemination of solar energy, stakeholder commitment to R&D and technologies for innovations. The results showed the absence information exchange, learning process and cooperation between stakeholders. Brazil is currently in the emerging technological innovation system and the integration of the actors would enable the co-evolution of the system, leading to the emergence and consolidation of this technology nationwide.

Keywords: Technological Change, Energy Policy, Innovation Incentives

JEL Classifications: O33, Q48, O31


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Danielle Denes dos Santos Carstens, Universidade Positivo

Graduate Programme in Administration– Universidade Positivo - PMDA




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Carstens, D. D. dos S., & Cunha, S. K. da. (2018). Solar Energy Growth in Brazil: Essential Dimensions for the Technological Transition. International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, 8(4), 293–302. Retrieved from