Issues of Investment Attraction Development in the Energy Sector


  • Marsel A. Kadyrov
  • Denis A. Drugov
  • Vladimir N. Zapevalov


Energy is an important branch of any economy. In this paper the authors analyze the investments that are directed to the energy sector. The energy complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan is deeply analyzed. It is determined that the actual capacity of all power plants in Kazakhstan is 15,000 MW. It is established that the territory has the opportunity to use non-traditional renewable energy sources. But because of the low reliability of mechanical systems, the uneven generation of energy is the more common use of traditional energy sources. Therefore, the sector needs to attract investments. It is established that investment in the energy complex until 2025 will be increased. Investments are increasing, on average, by 28% per year.

Keywords: territorial differences, investment, renewable energy, electricity consumption, energy complex.

JEL Classifications: O10, O13


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Kadyrov, M. A., Drugov, D. A., & Zapevalov, V. N. (2018). Issues of Investment Attraction Development in the Energy Sector. International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, 8(6), 1–7. Retrieved from




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