Agricultural Sector Input Technical Coefficients, Demand Changes and CO2 Emissions after the Financial Crisis: Environmental Input-Output Growth Factor Model Approach

Cheng-Yih Hong, Yi-Chain Lee, Ming-Che Tsai, Yi-Chi Tsai


The agricultural sector has been declining year by year with the proportion of economic growth and GDP. The financial crisis in 2007 caused huge losses in the world's economies. Taiwan cannot avoid economic damage. In the future, the way from agriculture to production needs to be transformed. This study uses the Environmental Input-Output Growth Factor model to estimate the changes in CO2 emissions in the agricultural sector before and after the financial crisis, and summarizes the changing factors to observe the development characteristics of the agricultural sector. The results show that there are differences in the influencing factors before and after the financial crisis. The biggest influencing factors are “domestic final demand” and “production input technical coefficients”.

Keywords: Agricultural Sector, CO2 Emission, Input Technical Coefficients, Environmental Input-Output Growth Factor model

JEL Classifications: Q15, C6, Q5


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