Impact of Global Energy Politics on International Trade

Rabiul Islam, Rusdi Omar, Ahmad Bashawir Abdul Ghani, Bakri Mat


The aim of this paper is to affect the global energy politics on international trade. Energy is crucial to financial advance and social improvement and energy utilization around the world has multiplied, contributing essentially to exceptional financial development. Data for this study were obtained from existing literatures on international trade of energy politics. The methodology heavily relied on existing previous literatures on the subject being dealt with. The findings indicate that international trade affects energy for many factors, including energy demand and consumption, distribution of natural resources and energy price. Further, politics of energy can affect international trade by government policy such as protectionism or trade barriers which are tariff and non-tariff like quotas and subsidies as well as currency control or currency exchange rate of a country.

Keywords: Energy politics, international trade, multilateral exchange, protectionism, energy price.

JEL Classifications: P48, Q42


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