Urban Energy Consumption in a City of Indonesia: General Overview

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  • Iwan Sukarno
  • Hiroshi Matsumoto
  • Lusi Susanti
  • Ryushi Kimura


This paper aims to investigate the energy consumption pattern in four sectors of Padang, Indonesia: residential, commercial, industrial and transportation sectors, under different urban population scenarios using a cohort model and statistical data. The analysis shows that the energy consumed in the residential sector has the major share in the total energy consumption in Padang. Details on energy consumption and the main driving forces in the four sectors have been presented. Decreasing urban energy consumption could be achieved by increasing efficiency of home appliances, promoting electricity saving behavior, increasing of public awareness for saving energy, and applying energy efficiency labeling for home appliances. Keywords: Urban energy consumption; Cohort model; Residential; Transportation; Commercial and Industrial sectors JEL Classifications: Q40; N75


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Sukarno, I., Matsumoto, H., Susanti, L., & Kimura, R. (2015). Urban Energy Consumption in a City of Indonesia: General Overview. International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, 5(1), 360–373. Retrieved from https://www.econjournals.com/index.php/ijeep/article/view/989