An Approach to the Large-scale Integration of Wind Energy in Albania

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  • Lorenc Malka Popytechnic University of Tirana
  • Ilirian Konomi
  • Ardit Gjeta
  • Skerdi Drenova
  • Jugert Gjikoka


Recently, the Albanian government has compiled national energy strategy with a special focus on promoting the use of renewable energy sources (RES) which identiï¬es a target of 42% of the ï¬nal energy consumption from RES by 2030. In this paper, analyses are conducted in order to investigate to which extent and way the absorption capacity of the power system from RES electricity can be improved. As an effective approach of implementing wind power, fostering the accommodation of renewable energy sources, especially on large-scale, a detailed techno-economic analysis of the 164 MW installed grid-connected wind farm, considered as a potential source, Korça district is analyzed. Conjoining two different types energy tools, RETScreen, a tool used on plant scale level and EnergyPLAN model applied for large energy system on national level including all energy sectors an optimization process is notably focused to attain 42% of the ï¬nal energy consumption from RES by 2030, which was highly preformed in EnergyPLAN model. The results execute in EnergyPLAN identifies that the wind power capacity should be at least1850 MW and an installation cost not more than 1.1m€/MW considering a bench mark price of electricity €76/MWh. The results of the study highlight the importance of high levels of RES integration which not only reduces greenhouse gases but will technically favor the creation of a flexible and sustainable energy system over time. Finally, the need for a sustainable and clear national energy model is inevitable, reshaping key points factors that hamper the integration on large-scale of wind power in Albania.Keywords: wind power, techno-economic feasibility, Albania, EnergyPlan, RETScreen.JEL Classifications: Q4, Q42DOI:


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Jugert Gjikoka

Administrator of TSO Albania




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Malka, L., Konomi, I., Gjeta, A., Drenova, S., & Gjikoka, J. (2020). An Approach to the Large-scale Integration of Wind Energy in Albania. International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, 10(5), 327–343. Retrieved from