Methodological Aspects of Depreciation as an Economic Category

Yuriy I. Sigidov, Maria S. Rybyantseva, Alexandr A. Adamenko, Elena A. Yarushkina


Depreciation is a complex economic category, the essence of which is manifested in the duality: this cost element, and its own source of reproduction of fixed assets and intangible assets. The depreciation laid relationship with asset and liability balance sheet; it touches on aspects such as formation costs, taxation issues, and reproductive process. That is why a methodological study of the depreciation essence, the allocation of the classification of bases, principles and functions seems urgent. In a study of a structured approach to the treatment of depreciation, developed fourteen grounds of classification, allowing to consider a category from different perspectives. Particular attention is paid to communication of depreciation or amortization, depreciation allocated classification. Principles of depreciation and highlighted the functions performed are designed to create a more complete picture of the depreciation. Thus, the methodological aspects of the depreciation that promote, further, formation of a technique of creation and use of a sinking fund.

Keywords: Amortization, depreciation, wear, reproduction process, classification, principles, functions

JEL Classification: M41

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