Influence a Healthy Lifestyle of the Youth on the Russian Economy

Evgeniya V. Zazulina, Elena S. Berezhnaya, Aleksandra V. Berezhnaya, Elena V. Zheltushkina, Natalia V. Koloskova, Anna V. Strichko


One of the main and most important components of a country's wealth is the health of the citizens. Established fact that in the process of protecting and promoting the health of the population consumes a significant portion of gross domestic product, and as such health is a special economic resource, which largely determines the high efficiency of socio-economic development of the country and its regions. Today, more and more researchers in Economics have come to believe that the commitment of the population to a healthy lifestyle, avoiding harmful habits, leads to a positive effect of the growth of the national economy. Based on the results of these studies, it was found that in our modern time, the health becomes a social property of a successful person that ensures the person in the conditions of market economy competitiveness, security in the financial sector, professional longevity and a comfortable old age. We conclude that health in modern society takes on a special priority, and becomes an important issue for theoretical research and practical testing.

Keywords: healthy lifestyle, health, gross domestic product, economic development, market economy

JEL Classifications: O12, O15, O44, O47

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