Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) Macro Factor in Investment in Stock (Equity Funds)

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  • Andi Desfiandi
  • Alvin Desfiandi
  • Hapzi Ali


Investors often find it difficult to valuate and purchase stocks with good performance that provide optimum yields. Inadequate information regarding how to make good investments is one of the main reasons why people lose interest to invest in capital market. The purpose of this research is to find a stock performance measurement model by using accounting and financial management system that is made by using the information from stocks turnover ratio and risk level of stocks. This performance measurement model can be an important tool for investors to identify the stock performance factor. Therefore, investors can valuate and purchase stocks with optimum performance and yields. US Dollar (USD)/ Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) rate has significantly negative influence to Indonesian Composite Price Index (IHSG) movement since a depreciation of IDR discourages investors to invest in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). Therefore, the investors divert their investments from stock market to foreign exchange market to arbitrage. Straits Times Index (STI) has significantly positive influence to IHSG since Singapore and Indonesia share common investors that causes the movement of STI is followed by the movement of IHSG.Keywords: Performance, Mutual Funds, Risk StockJEL Classifications: D53, E44, G2


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