Unraveling the Energy Use Network of Construction Sector in Turkey Using Structural Path Analysis

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  • Tolga Kaya Istanbul Technical University


Input-output analysis provides a useful framework for examining the direct and the indirect changes in the energy use. The purpose of this study is to gain a better understanding of the energy use network in Turkish construction (CON) sector. To do this, a particular type of network analysis, Structural Path Analysis is conducted. Sectoral energy use data provided by World Input-Output Database is used for the elaboration of energy paths. Mediating sectors underlying backward energy linkages are identified. Results show that energy use of CON increased both in absolute terms and that of rank among other industries. The magnitude and complexity of the coke and refined petroleum path decreased. Due to the expansion in natural gas powered energy production, relative importance and complexity of the electric, gas and water supply path increased. Energy use paths are discussed with reference to current account deficit and growth issues in Turkey.Keywords: Energy use, input-output modelling, structural path analysis, construction sector, TurkeyJEL Classifications: C67, L74, Q43


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Tolga Kaya, Istanbul Technical University

Management Engineering DepartmentAssociate Professor of Quantitave Methods 




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