A Review on Mechanism of Flood Disaster Management in Asia


  • Rabiul Islam
  • Roslina Kamaruddin
  • Siti Aznor Ahmad
  • Soon Jan Jan
  • Abdul Rahim Anuar


This paper attempts to analyze the review on mechanism of flood disaster management in Asia. Flood is amongst the most common of natural disasters and its impact is one of the most significant disasters in the world. In this paper, we have discussed the flood disaster management some selected countries in Asia such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Japan and China. For these countries, we tried to explore the flood disaster risk, pre & post disaster program and participants, emergency response & recovery, flood mitigation and management, relief and preparedness machinery, flood forecasting and warning system, policy, planning as well as strategic etc. This paper can make for the above countries disaster management system better respond and handle to disasters risk, and reduce the social and economic losses of disasters caused. It also required to improve data availability and evaluation, and possibly to combine with other types of information in view of increasing usefulness for policy making.

Keywords: Flood disaster management, Flood hazard, Mitigation, Flood forecasting.

JEL Classification: Q54


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Author Biography

Rabiul Islam

Department of economics, Senior lecturer




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Islam, R., Kamaruddin, R., Ahmad, S. A., Jan, S. J., & Anuar, A. R. (2016). A Review on Mechanism of Flood Disaster Management in Asia. International Review of Management and Marketing, 6(1), 29–52. Retrieved from http://www.econjournals.com/index.php/irmm/article/view/1537