The Influence of Organizational Culture, Compensation and Interpersonal Communication in Employee performance Through Work Motivation as Mediation

Elvie Maria


The purpose of this research is to know influence of organizational culture, compensation, interpersonal communication on employee’s performance, through work motivations. Sample in this research totaled 92 employee’s. Sampling techniques using census method with saturated sampling technique, so the whole population is used as a sample.Variable this research consisting organizational culture, compensation, interpersonal communication, work motivation, employee’s performance. Data collection methods used were questionnaires. Analysis of the data used is multiple linear regression analysis and path analysis using SPSS 24. The results showed direct  influence on employee’s performance  indicates organizational culture, compensation are supported, but for interpersonal communication is not supported. The results of research indirect effect on employee’s performance through work motivation showed organizational culture, compensation are not supported, but interpersonal communication supported. This research is expected to be beneficial for Badan Pengelola Malibu  to improve employee performance.

Keywords: Organizational Culture, Compensation, Interpersonal Communication,Work  Motivation, Employee’s Performance.

JEL Classifications: M12, M54, N75


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