The Pursuit for Brand Usage Intent: Insight in Higher Education which Used the Compatible Computer

Wilhelmus Hary Susilo, Yan Pieter Mulia Hutabarat, Otto Bustani


The brand usage intent would conduct the market position with competitive advantage that could be bridge the right tract for the corporate for not making misguide in the heterogeneous industrial competitiveness and the customer brand engagement determined. This study was inquiry of fulfillment the research gap with the more resonance of the brand with halo effect then the brand equity. Furthermore, the research methods conducted with quantitative methods and design with descriptive correlation also used the confirmed strategy in structural equation modeling.  The area sampling was fit with the 107 students in different situations and the result research was entire hypothesis’ were confirmed and the marginal fit research model on the market-based management research. The corporate should building best interaction within the compatible smart- computer user with digitalize platform.

Keywords: the brand equity, brand usage intent, higher education.

JEL Classifications: I23, M3


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