The Syrian Crisis Impact on the Area and the Production: A Case Study of Vegetables Crop

Mohannad Alobid, Szűcs Istvan


Vegetable crops cannot be dispensed with to meet the nutritional needs of the population in Syria, and it is suffering from large price fluctuations. The impact of the current crisis has a significant impact on these changes on the prices of the product itself, competing for crops, or production requirements, which is directly reflected in the areas cultivated and its production. In this research, a seek has been made to analyze the area and production of the vegetables crop in Syrian agriculture before and after the crisis. The results of the study show that for vegetables crop (irrigated and rain-fed) there has been a decrease in the cultivated area during the crisis compared to the period before it 302.299 and 427.760 hectares, respectively. Besides, in terms of production, we note that there has been a negative impact of the crisis on vegetables crop (irrigated and rain-fed) of 2911.522, 579.368 tons, respectively.

Keywords: Vegetable crops, Syrian Crisis, Production, Area

JEL Classifications: M11, Q13


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